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Behind the lens is my happy place.

With the quickly passing years realized through my young children, I wanted to capture each half birthday, lost tooth, or celebratory moment in their lives in a more unique and beautiful way, which has led me here. 

I am beyond grateful to be in this space capturing sweet memories and priceless moments for you and your loved ones to treasure for a lifetime. 

Fun Facts

My favorite people to photograph are my family. I have 3 incredible kiddos with my husband, Todd. I picked up my "big camera" again after years of not feeling I had enough hands to do so and started clicking away.

Check out their super cute photos below.

Todd and I became quick friends when we met studying abroad in college and traveling Europe together. I knew he was special when he would stop and wait for me as I photographed every landscape or city view.

I had an exciting career as a Physician Assistant for many years but stepped back to be at home with my kids. The time at home with my kids allowed me to realize and pursue my photography passion. I still practice as a PA and have a love for medicine but am enjoying focusing on my artistic side in this phase of life.